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Wholesale Voice :
The Backbone of Telecom Industry

When you make an international call or connect with someone on another part of the globe, have you ever wondered how the voice travels through? Well, it's not always about satellite communication or internet cables. The telecommunications industry has a robust wholesale voice market that enables global voice connectivity. Wholesale Voice is the distribution of bulk applications for voice communication services to other telecom carriers and service providers, who then sell these services to their end customers.


The Role of Wholesale Voice in Telecom Industry

Whether it's making overseas calls, connecting remote offices, or enabling toll-free customer service numbers, wholesale voice plays an integral part in modern-day telecommunications infrastructure. It is what allows businesses and individuals to make reliable and affordable long-distance calls without worrying about infrastructure management.

Without wholesale voice, telecom companies would have to build international networks from scratch and could only operate within their borders, which is both expensive and impractical. Thanks to the availability of wholesale services, businesses can quickly enter new markets without having to establish physical infrastructur
Wholesale termination provider my country mobile

The Importance of Wholesale Voice

The significance of wholesale voice in the telecommunications industry cannot be overstated. It enables carriers and service providers around the world to interconnect with each other through a single point instead of individually managing multiple points. This reduced complexity results in cost savings for everyone involved while improving overall service quality.

Overview of Topics To Be Discussed

This article will examine what exactly is meant by 'wholesale voice' and how it differs from traditional retail phone services. We will also explore current market trends driving growth in this industry as well as key players involved such as carriers, Wholesale VoIP providers, resellers/brokers etc.

In addition to discussing the benefits associated with using wholesale voice services, we will also explore the challenges and potential downsides. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of how wholesale termination is shaping the telecommunications industry.


What is Wholesale Voice?

Wholesale voice refers to the sale and purchase of large volumes of voice traffic between carriers and service providers. In this context, "voice traffic" refers to the transmission of voice data over a telecommunications network.

Wholesale voice services are typically used by smaller service providers or carriers who do not have their own network infrastructure and need to purchase access to another carrier's network. Wholesale voice services can also be used by larger carriers or service providers who want to expand their reach into new markets or regions.

The wholesale voice is also called wholesale VoIP, voip Routes, VoIP termination,voice termination, wholesale termination and International VoIP wholesale.

Definition of wholesale voice

Wholesale voice is a type of telecom service offered on a B2B basis. It involves selling bulk minutes of call time at a discounted rate, typically for inter-carrier traffic exchange, international calling purposes, and other high-volume requirements.

How it differs from retail voice services

Retail voice services are targeted towards end-users or consumers who use the services for making calls or sending messages. Retail providers sell these services directly to customers via various channels such as kiosks, retail stores, online marketplaces, etc. On the other hand, wholesale providers sell their products to other telecom businesses like MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators), resellers, aggregators etc., that buy in large quantities.


Examples of companies that offer voice termination services

The wholesale voice termination industry has many players globally ranging from Tier-1 carriers offering direct routes around the world to start-up companies providing niche solutions catering only a few countries. Some examples include: My Country mobile, iBasis (owned by KPN), Tata Communications, Ace peak investment, IDT Telecom, BICS (Belgacom International Carrier Services), Telstra International and more recently Twilio with its Super Network initiative.

wholsale voice

Market Trends

Overview of current market trends in the industry

The industry has been experiencing significant growth in recent years. The market is driven by an increase in demand for international calling, which has been fueled by globalization and the need for businesses to communicate with partners and customers across different regions. The emergence of new technologies such as VoIP and cloud-based communications has further contributed to the growth of the wholesale voice market. As a result, carriers and service providers are expanding their services to meet this growing demand.

Definition of wholesale voice

There are several factors driving the growth of the market. Firstly, there is an increased demand for international calling due to globalization and expansion of businesses into new markets. Secondly, there is a rapid growth in mobile phone usage globally, with more people relying on mobile devices as their primary communication tool. Thirdly, advancements in new technologies such as VoIP termination and cloud-based communications have enabled carriers and service providers to offer more cost-effective solutions compared to traditional phone lines.

Increased demand for international calling

The global economy is becoming increasingly interconnected, leading to an increase in cross-border trade and business partnerships. This trend has resulted in a growing need for reliable international communication services among businesses operating across different regions or countries.

Growth in mobile phone usage

Mobile phones have become an essential part of modern life. With more people accessing the internet via mobile devices than ever before, it's not surprising that they are also becoming a primary means of communication worldwide. This trend has led to an increase in demand for mobile-specific communication services.

Emergence of new technologies
such as VoIP and cloud-based communications

VoIP and cloud-based communications have disrupted traditional telephony services by providing cost-effective solutions that are easy to scale up or down. This has allowed carriers and service providers to offer more flexible and affordable solutions compared to traditional phone lines. As a result, the industry is experiencing significant growth, with more companies looking to harness the benefits of these new technologies.

The market is evolving rapidly, driven by an increasing demand for reliable and cost-effective communication services. Advances in technology such as VoIP termination and cloud-based communications are enabling carriers and service providers to meet this demand in a scalable and efficient manner

The Future of Wholesale Voice

As technology continues to advance and businesses increasingly rely on digital communication, the demand for wholesale voice termination is expected to continue to grow. One of the most significant trends in the industry is the shift towards cloud-based services, which offer increased flexibility and scalability. Additionally, there is a growing need for advanced security measures to protect against fraud and robocalls, which are becoming increasingly sophisticated. In the future, we can expect to see even more advanced software tools and services, such as AI-powered call routing and voice recognition, which will further streamline and enhance the experience for businesses. As the industry continues to evolve, it will be important for wholesalers to stay up to date on the latest trends and technologies in order to remain competitive and provide the best possible service to their clients.

Key Players in the Wholesale Voice Industry

Carriers and
Service Providers

Carriers and service providers represent a significant portion of the market. These businesses typically own their own telecommunications infrastructure, such as fiber optic cables or satellite networks. They use this infrastructure to offer high-quality voice services to other businesses at a reduced cost compared to traditional retail voice services. Large carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and Tata Communications are major players in this field.

VoIP Service

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) providers are another important group within the industry. These companies use internet connections to transmit phone calls instead of traditional phone lines. This makes it easier for businesses to expand into new markets without having to build expensive telecommunications infrastructure from scratch. Some major VoIP providers include Vonage Business, RingCentral, and 8x8.

Resellers and

Resellers and brokers are companies that purchase minutes from carriers or other wholesalers at a lower price than what they sell them for on the open market. These companies don't have their own telecommunications infrastructure; instead they act as intermediaries between carriers or VoIP providers and businesses seeking voice services. Some well-known resellers include My Country Mobile and Inteliquent.

Overview of Major Players
in the Industry

The voice termination industry comprises a range of different types of players, including carriers and service providers, VoIP providers, and resellers and brokers. Each type of player brings its own unique advantages to the market, and understanding their roles is essential for any business looking to enter the space.

Global Voice Termination Services with Competitive Pricing

My Country Mobile offers global voice termination services that cover over 200 countries. They provide wholesale voice transit and termination services, in addition to premium international voice termination services, tailored to the needs of retail service providers. My Country Mobile's Voice Termination Services portfolio strives to deliver high-quality end-to-end services to customers worldwide. With over a billion voice minutes terminated monthly, My Country Mobile is a leading global provider of wholesale voice services. Competitive pricing is a key factor in the VoIP wholesale services industry. Providers must balance offering affordable rates with maintaining high-quality service and complying with regulatory requirements. This requires careful cost management and a deep understanding of market trends and customer needs.

Comparison Between Different Types of Providers

Each type of provider has its own strengths when it comes to offering voice services. Carriers usually have more resources at their disposal, allowing them to offer higher quality and more reliable service. VoIP providers are often more flexible and able to quickly adapt to changing market conditions. Resellers and brokers can offer lower prices than other types of providers, but may not be able to guarantee the same level of quality or reliability as carriers or VoIP providers.  Understanding the different types of players in the market is essential for businesses looking to enter this space. Each type of provider brings its own unique advantages, and finding the right partner is key to providing high-quality and cost-effective voice services.

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The Benefits and Challenges of
Wholesale Voice Services

Reduced Costs for Carriers and Service Providers

One of the most significant benefits of wholesale voice services is that they can help carriers and service providers save costs. By purchasing VoIP routes in bulk, they can obtain better rates from wholesalers than from International VoIP wholesale providers Additionally, providers often offer volume discounts, which can reduce costs even further. These savings can be passed on to customers, making it a win-win solution.
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Access to High-Quality Routes

Wholesale voice services also provide access to high-quality VoIP routes that may not be available through retail providers. carriers invest in the latest technology and infrastructure to ensure their customers receive the best quality calls possible. This means that businesses relying on wholesale termination services are much less likely to experience dropped calls, poor connections or other issues that could harm their reputation.

Features of voice

Wholesale voice solutions offer a range of features that enable businesses to efficiently and effectively manage their communications. These features include automated call routing, call recording, high-quality audio, data encryption, and more. By selecting a provider that offers these features at a competitive price, businesses can optimize their communications and better serve their customers.
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Staying Compliant with STIR/SHAKEN and Robocall Mitigation Database

Staying compliant with STIR/SHAKEN and the Robocall Mitigation Database is crucial for wholesale voice providers in their fight against illegal robocalls. These technologies aim to reduce the number of unwanted and fraudulent calls by authenticating the caller ID and blocking suspicious or unauthorized calls. Wholesale voice providers need to ensure that their systems are STIR/SHAKEN compliant and that they are participating in the Robocall Mitigation Database to avoid penalties and maintain their reputation. It is an ongoing challenge for voice providers to stay up to date with the latest regulatory requirements and technologies in order to effectively combat illegal robocalls.
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Ability to Scale Up or Down Quickly Based on Demand

Another key benefit of wholesale voice services is the ability to scale up or down quickly based on demand. Unlike traditional retail providers who may require long-term contracts and minimum usage commitments, with a provider businesses have greater flexibility in terms of how much capacity they purchase. This means they can easily adjust their capacity as demand fluctuates without any penalties.


While there are many benefits of using wholesalers for voice services, there are some challenges too:

Complexity: Wholesale contracts tend to be more complex than retail ones due to the larger volumes involved and number of parties involved.
Lack of control: As businesses outsource their telephony needs, they may lose some control over call quality or other important aspects.
Dependence: Relying heavily on a single provider for all your telecoms needs can create dependence which may not be desirable long term.

Voice Termination

Vital Part of Telecom

Wholesale voice services are a vital part of the telecommunications industry and can offer many benefits to businesses. They provide cost savings, access to high-quality routes, and flexibility in scaling capacity up or down based on demand. However, they also come with some challenges such as complexity, Security Threat, lack of control, and dependence.

Despite these challenges, the overall value proposition that wholesale voice services offer cannot be overlooked. As telecommunications technology continues to evolve at breakneck speeds, businesses will continue to rely on wholesalers for their telecoms needs.

What is Wholesale VoIP?

Wholesale Termination VoIP is also known as Wholesale VoIP Termination, mobile wholesale voice service, az VoIP termination. It is a high-capacity phone service that uses multiple circuits or large circuits. Businesses involved in telecommunications use Voice termination services to provide long-distance, DID-free, international, local, or long-distance services. We provide speed from ISDN PRIT1 to OCx. High-Quality Termination service is more recognised as Call Termination, VoIP termination, DIDs, SMS-API, voice Rates, CC Traffic, and VoIP Routes.


Advantages of Wholesale VoIP

VoIP possesses and operates the community. Our Clients can relish quickly dependable VoIP solutions, VoIP traffic, scalability, and expense economies. We supply our client’s world-class aid using a 24/7 NOC workforce to deal with problems once they appear.

Dealing with us enables you to stay away from coping with an intermediary, making sure our levels are more all competitive. However, this implies more financial economies for the company while at the same time linking with an agency you may rely on.


Who use Wholesale call termination service?

If you are selling our products such as VoIP termination, DID origination, Call Termination, and toll-free, you will be using our call termination services. We can assist you in building and powering your resolutions as a termination provider, originator provider, toll-free or local network operator through SIP Trunking Service, wholesale sip trunk providers, Sip Termination, APIs, and other methods.

Tata Communication programs give a VoIP Service solution for their Business customers via softphones.
Call center Solution providers use the mission of the International call to influence customer’s contact centers
Cable operators that bundle VoIP with other performance media, such as the internet and television, for private or business use

Wholesale VoIP Providers

According to market research Wholesale VoIP providers are the service provider that offers different types of white routes, call origination and call termination services and wholesale carriers’ network management with competitive rates. It gives you dedicated support 24/7 by experts. MCM provides wholesale voice services an online solution to all small, medium, and enterprise business satisfaction for prompt access to the ambitious VoIP routes and high call quality voice routes. Also, it gives significantly lower costs to improve customers’ experience and provide more competitive offers rates to the customers.


Service Related Information


A Voice business service is an enormous limited service that comes in telephone, including many multiple circuits. Call termination is utilized by business phone systems occupied with telecommunications to give international Voice,local and Toll-free  services.

VoIP Minutes Quality

Today’s Minutes quality business’s idea is nearly easy to convey streams, either over IP with a suggested quality need or with TDM exchanging and an obvious quality need. The administration is measured to top limit prerequisites as per the quality needed.


Alternative Option for Wholesale Voice

MCM supplies the smartest established voice technologies together with access across the environment. We have and conduct a grand company local community — which can mean reduced charges for you personally.MCM neighbourhood in-bound and also VoIP-Enhanced nearby assistance: highly effective and protected alternate options for aggregated a single. Even two-way people use M-enabled telephone figures over single or multiple IP address endpoints.


MCM Feature

Decrease network cost for this specific LEC tandem exchange solution deletes your phone costs supporting MCM’s replacement tandem community.

Cloud Voice Choice

Instantly grant feature-rich voice solutions without requiring funding fees. MCM: access inter-connection or internet connection and completing alternatives delivered worldwide.

One Additionally Switched

Supplies telephone origination and conclusion or Hand-off to Find facilities-based customers who purge targeted traffic.

VoIP Termination

Different Types of Voice Termination

What is Wholesale Termination?

The carrier-grade community can run premium quality and also a higher quantity. However, MCM provides provincial Telephone Termination to more than 190+ countries, with DTMF & facsimile service offering + 14 points of existence globally, together with competitive value and elastic prices.

VoIP Termination Supplier

To learn to do any carriers institution, three square meters are needed. Firstly, thou must excite to have some considerable client support so that you’ll provide on service. Being an agent, you’d need large customers to complete most maximum values.

Wholesale VoIP Termination Rates

VoIP Termination Rates VoIP persistent increments close to ubiquity; due to organizations all over the place and understand a few advantages that it takes. So whatever do the essential drivers turning into that future from this discount telecom industry area of Termination Rates.

VoIP Routes

What are VoIP Routes?

VoIP Routes provider Courses: This transforms into info packets at a VoIP telephone. Afterwards, your transmission of those information packets occurs from your telephone source to the destination. Basically, VoIP packs can travel on the internet telephony within VoIP routes, which fundamentally permits the VoIP call to skip the standard phone routes.

VoIP Routes provider Courses: This transforms into info packets at a VoIP telephone. Afterwards, your transmission of those information packets occurs from your telephone source to the destination. Basically, VoIP packs can travel on the internet telephony within VoIP routes, which fundamentally permits the VoIP call to skip the standard phone routes.

Wholesale Voice

Frequently Asked Questions

What is wholesale calls?

Wholesale calls, also known as wholesale voice termination, is a business model in which a company provides voice services to other companies or organizations. This typically involves providing access to a large network of phone lines, allowing customers to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world. The company providing the service is known as a wholesale voice provider, and they typically charge a fee for the service. The customer pays a flat rate for the service, and the provider takes care of the rest. This type of service is often used by businesses that need to make large numbers of calls, such as call centers or telemarketing companies.

What is wholesale voice termination?

Wholesale call termination is a type of telecommunications service that allows a provider to terminate a call from a customer to a destination on a different network. It is typically used by telecom companies to provide services to their customers, such as long-distance calling, international calling, and mobile services. The provider pays a fee to the terminating network for each call that is completed.

How can companies ensure that they receive good quality service from wholesale voice providers?

Businesses can ensure the quality of service with wholesale voice providers by selecting a wholesaler that offers robust service and high-quality connections. Leveraging AI-powered, cloud-based communication platforms can help optimize communication strategies. Choosing a wholesale voice termination provider that offers cost-effective services can also help businesses get the most value for their money.

Which metrics are suitable for businesses to measure the quality of service provided by wholesale voice providers?

Businesses can measure the quality of service provided by their wholesale voice provider by evaluating several metrics, including call quality, route quality, reliability, responsiveness, and cost-effectiveness. By assessing these metrics, businesses can make informed decisions about whether to continue using the services of their wholesale voice provider. Call quality measures the clarity and reliability of voice calls, while route quality measures the quality of the route used to transmit voice calls.