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Frequent Questions

Are there any minimums or commitments?

We ordinarily require a minimum payment of $25 in other to fund a prepaid account for you, but to get the best pricing, we do ask for a volume estimate.
Note that the prepaid service is offered on a pay as you go model

what is the process of interconnecting with you?

We would need your Invoice Details and your switch IP. Once we get FAQ's this, one of our sales managers will reach out to you as soon as possible.

What kind of telecom services do you propose?

We offer wholesale voice termination, SMS, DIDs, FAQ's and international top-up

Can I Sign up online?

Yes, you can. We also offer a free no-obligation account plus a $10 thankfulness credit that you can use to test out the service and try our routes.

What currencies do you support?

We recommend USD currency on the out platform.

Can I test your service first before sending traffic?

Yes, we offer a free and no-obligation test account to all clients.

What types of payment methods do you offer?

Wholesale Voice is a prepaid service. We offer payment by Credit cards, Paypal, Skrill, and Bank Transfer.

Will you provide me Termination rates?

We provide you a test account and a full list of our tariff rates. you can ask special rates from your account manager with FAQ's

What is Inmate Calling Service?

Inmates do not take telephone calls, but they can make collect calls to those who are in approved call list. There are multiple option for Inmate Telephone service. Inmates can make calls to all approved telephone numbers or cell phone numbers.

What is Call Centers in telecom?

A call center is a kind of business role in the Telecommunications sector. In the Telecommunications sector, outsourced call center resolution is one of the most effective tools to increase company successfully. Now many companies are majorly using Virtual Call Center services because of cost advantages.

Do you have a web portal where I can run my business and see reports?

Yes, every account on our platform gets access to their very own user portal, where you can view reports, payment updates, updated rates, troubleshooting, and much more.

Do I get an account supervisor that I can talk to immediately?

Yes, our policies, every client gets assigned an account manager whose duty to support and serve to any issue you may have.

What Codec are you supported?

Our Switch is supporting all types of Codec.

Do you support Fax?

Yes we support both codecs for fax transition t.38 and G711

I am a reseller. Do you have a reseller panel?

Yes, we do offer Reseller panel. Please speak to the account manager for more details.

I used to have an account already but haven't used it in a while. Can I revive it?

Definitely! Yes! any time

Does my account expire?


How do I cancel an account?

Anytime you like, Please contact an account manager

What is UCAAS / CPAAS & System Integrators?

UCaaS is one of the variations observed in the Business VoIP division. UCaaS is suggestive of a regular on-premises stage, where all roles and purposes stay inside the stage. CPaaS takes more of a create own design, with open APIs that authorize industries to customize and secure communications within subsisting business uses

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